Melbourne Social Media is a boutique digital agency with experience in marketing, social media, public relations, journalism, and photography. We thrive on developing multi-layered brands that gain a loyal following through trust and integrity.

Hosting a passion for research, curiosity, growth, dedication and helping people and businesses find their voice and shine their brightest through digital interaction, in the world that demands continual and meaningful engagement, entertainment, instant information, and rewards. We create highly professional content, programs and marketing tools to make you an amazing Digital Citizen.

Melbourne Social Media would not have been brought to life without the wonderful Kirsten Macdonald from Geelong Social Media. MSM is a boutique company which will cater to one type of business in each area. Our signature Digital Executive Program includes social media, journalism and public relations aiming to amplify your digital footprint and voice in the communications realm.

Our services are all-encompassing and our passion is based on brand journalism and integrity. If you are passionate, committed and ready for the world to hear your message, contact us today and ask how we can be your team.


Brands we have worked with: