Your Quick Guide to Blogging

Ok, so you want to write a blog. First things first!

*Find yourself a nice cozy chair, where you can either write or type. We often like to find a cozy nook in a favorite coffee shop or a space that fosters creativity and comfort.

Untitled design

*Ask yourself the question and write it down- Why do I want to write this blog? What is my intention? This will help you to clarify your key message and what it is you want to say

*Who is your audience? This is VITAL. Age, Sex, Dislikes, Habits, keep going until you have drilled it down as much as possible. You are ‘profiling” your readership.

*You need to use language that suits your audience. If you are writing for mechanics, you need to use words and industry terms that relate to a mechanic. If you are trying to communicate effectively with women over 60, then you need to change the way you “speak” to the audience, speak to their heart and need. Answer the question, solve the problem or share a moment with them.

Untitled design-2*Know your topic. What it is you want to talk about – remember it needs to be relevant to your business and your audience. Make this match up and you are cooking with gas!

Untitled design-3*Don’t use unnecessary words! Go through what you have written and cross out the unnecessary ones. Quite often when we write, we can “over season” the end product making it awkward to read and boring.

Untitled design-4*Find out the words your market responds to. What are they interested in? Is your Blog topical? Buy magazines that fit your target market’s browsing and reading agenda, what are the articles about? Are they popular? Why? What language are they using? For example if you are writing for Women’s health, go to the news-agency and pick up a selection of Women’s health mags, this will really keep you in the know of what is topical, what is getting talked about, what isn’t, what should be, the language used etc. You get the drift!

*If you are really rusty at writing- get out your iPhone, or recording device and imagine you are having a conversation with someone, explaining to them what you want to say about your topic. Record this convo (in private lol) Play it back and type it as you listen. Sometimes it is easier to talk about something than to find the right words to type and write. Once you have typed it, you can read it back, and add to it from there. This is a great starter-tool for writing, it also manages to capture your “voice” the unique person that is you.

*ALWAYS Check your facts and your sources. Your blog needs to have integrity and nothing screams unprofessional more than poor research and incorrect facts.

Untitled design-5*Try and put some information your audience will find useful. People LOVE how to articles!

*Implement your SEO strategy into your blog. Leverage your content! For more info ask us!



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